The Leadership of Al-Hattab Holding and its subsidiaries is founded on the rich heritage and values of Qatar. It hires natural-born leaders, who have the know-how and emotional intelligence to lead and nurture people. The leaders that make up the Al-Hattab Holding Company maintain their rich Islamic business principles coupled with a new-world understanding of the latest technologies. Combined, this gives Al-Hattab Holding leadership the edge in the Qatar market, as savvy business professionals whose foundations are built on trust and integrity. As a result of this focus, Al-Hattab Holding has been viewed by most as a Qatari employer of choice, enabling the company to hire only the best.

Today, we reflect on the positive contributions Al-Hattab Holding and its companies are making towards the development of the State of Qatar. Reflecting on it requires a step back to recognize how we manifested such opportunities. Without the profound dedication and leadership demonstrated by The Emir of the State of Qatar, His Highness, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, our success would not be possible. As a company and as individuals, we give thanks to the many contributions made, paving the way for the boundless opportunities to help make Qatar what it is today.
As Chairman of one of Qatar’s leading groups, I am blessed to witness the growth of a business that is serving Qatar’s needs across a broad spectrum of product and service categories. Having established the business in 1995, Al-Hattab Holding has relentlessly expanded and built a significant presence in key industries that fuel Qatar’s economic and infrastructural growth.

As a company that has been focused on building Qatar into the great success that it is today, nothing has been more satisfying to watch than Al-Hattab’s role in Qatar’s growth.
We are intently focused on the Qatar National Vision 2030, using it as a guiding force for everything that we do. All of our investments, initiatives, expansions, and innovations are centered around the principles and values of the National Vision. Our alignment with this important Vision ensures that Al-Hattab will remains at the forefront of the development of this great country.
We take this opportunity to pay tribute to the Al-Hattab people, its Customers, and our investors, who have all played a vital role in making Al-Hattab Holding a company of choice. We have forever made a positive mark on Qatar’s history – with an eye towards a prosperous future.

Saad Bin Khalaf Bin Hattab AL Kaabi