Vision statement

Al-Hattab’s Vision is to be the unrivalled choice in its industries through market-leading product & service standards, and distinctive care for the customer experience. Generate the highest customer value possibly by applying leading-edge technologies and end-to end service excellence.

Mission statement

Create The best value to our clients through the special & unique level of presenting our integrated services & high quality to meet our client satisfaction to be always his first & best choice.

Our Values

Al-Hattab Holding considers its most significant value to be its after-sales service. It is the intangible aspect of doing business with Al-Hattab’s companies that generates the most unique and long-lasting impressions. Of course, value is also only as strong as the quality of goods and services provided. Al-Hattab recognizes this and it is why such emphasis on technology advancement, learning, and development is so vital to its success.

Organization’s Goals

We aim to be the most respected and successfully operated company in our industry creating value for all our stakeholders.

Providing quality work to our customers meet the project standards and specifications for materials, workmanship, tolerances, schedules, while maintaining profitability and competitiveness.

Striving to create the best value for our customers by delivering the most reliable and effective projects and products for their business in the market place and their lifestyles as well.


Al-Hattab Holding and its subsidiaries provide significant reach across several of Qatar’s most impactful industries. Its formidable presence in Engineering, Industrial & Trading, and General Services are at or near the top in these categories in sales, market share or reputation, in the State of Qatar.

Unique selling position & Competitive advantage

USPs and competitive advantages are not easily found in a crowded marketplace. Al-Hattab has been able to defy the trend by challenging its people to create the unique, from a products & service perspective, and to provide relationship-building into its DNA.