Our Clients

Al-Hattab Holding and its subsidiaries are the company of choice for a variety of important reasons, which include:

  1. Al-Hattab’s companies offer one-stop-shop services for virtually all building and installation needs.

  2. The people at Al-Hattab love their work and are passionate about solving client challenges together.

  3. Al-Hattab is an expert in project delivery with dedicated PMO to ensure all projects get delivered on-time and under-budget.

  4. Given Al-Hattab’s superior product and service technology, its ability to handle even the most complicated challenges is robust.

  5. Al-Hattab’s depth of technical experience and local market and climate know-how, helps ensure client projects are managed properly with the right products and services that fit the situation, no matter how unique the situation may be.

  6. The Al-Hattab team is dedicated to helping you maximize your Return-on-Investment (ROI), and an account manager will work closely with each client to measure and perform alongside your ROI objectives.

  7. Al-Hattab’s continuous improvement programmes ensure client projects are handled in the most optimal fashion with minimized project risks.

  8. Al-Hattab Holding has an enviable bench full of talented and experienced people, meaning client projects are in the hands of seasoned executives who have the know-how to performan.

  9. Al-Hattab’s employee-first mentality has led to some of the best customer service in the industry. Its happy employees are even happier to serve its clients with remarkable service, especially post-sale.