Community Initiatives

Having been a part of the Qatar Community since 1996, Al-Hattab Holding and its subsidiaries have played a significant role in helping to shape and enrich Qatar.

The following are just a few examples of how Al-Hattab has joined hands with the Community.

AL HATTAB HOLDING – Renovate Your House Initiative: The Company is planning to renovate 30 houses for people in need every year at no cost. That includes paintwork, AC maintenance, waterproofing, and electrical work.

AL HATTAB HOLDING – Build Your House Initiative: It’s planning to provide 14 different designs for free across for all Qatari’s that are willing to build their own houses. Design spans from 400 sqm units to 1,000 sqm unit/villas.


Environment & Sustainability

We live in a fragile environmental ecosystem and sustainability is one of the more important responsibilities a company can have.
Al-Hattab’s role in preserving the environment for generations to come has always been at the top of our minds. We are taking steps to help leave the world a better place.

Going forward, some of its future initiatives include:

Waste & Scrap disposal educational reinforcement and best practices integration. Carbon Emission Monitoring & Reduction. Save-a-tree and recycling initiatives that spread awareness across the organization on the importance of preserving our environment for future generations.
The company’s emphasis on education is one of the most impactful investments that it can make, as it fuels opportunity and innovation across the organization.