Al Hattab Trading
& Contracting

With a history spanning more than 20 years, Al-Hattab Trading & Contracting has emerged to one of the premium Trading & Contracting companies in Qatar. It has earned this reputation through its depth of industry and market expertise as well as technological edge, coupled with transparency and trust.
Al Hattab Trading & Contracting engages in the planning, consulting, logistics and construction of premier commercial and residential projects in Qatar. This includes shopping centers, hospitals, schools, residential complexes, and even castles. Its consulting practice provides some of the best project management capabilities in Qatar, helping clients reduce project risks on building at a time.
The firm has enjoyed a stellar record of client retention, which unheard of in the contracting sector. For Al-Hattab Trading & Contracting, nothing beats the importance of service, before, during, and after the contract. This is its competitive edge.

Al Hattab Engineering Consulting

Sweet House
For Design & Décor

As its name suggests, Sweet House designs innovative and luxurious interiors for both the residential and commercial sectors. A unique aspect of its works is the level of individual customization offered to meet the exacting requirements of its clients. Its portfolio includes commercial projects, multi-family developments, bungalows, and apartments. On the commercial side, Sweet House is best known for its full-scope renovations in retail, corporate, and hospitality.

With its unique sense of style, functionality, functionality, technology, and sourcing, Sweet House is a leader in Qatar’s custom interiors market. It has an enviable client and project list, having fit out some of the most iconic and memorable structures in Qatar.

AL Hattab

Al-Hattab Maintenance and Contracting Company is a leader in maintenance and contracting services in Qatar. Offering a diverse range of services, it provides some of the most complete and cost-effective maintenance services in Qatar.
It has an always-on technical team with the depth of experience to resolve even the most complex maintenance issues. Built to serve commercial and multi-family residential, Al-Hattab Maintenance is a smart choice to add longevity and functionality to Qatar’s buildings.
It is widely trusted by some of the most important residential and commercial project stakeholders in Qatar. Given its rich history and focus on quality, there is no wonder Al-Hattab Maintenance is capturing a higher share of the Qatar market each-and-every year.

Al Hattab Waterproof
& Installation

Al-Hattab Waterproofing & Installation is a specialist in waterproofing and thermal insulation solutions. It also provides flooring work, epoxy paints, flooring works, with top quality raw materials from around the world. It is also a buyer of Qatar’s locally-produced products, supporting the Made in Qatar movement.

The company is accredited by the Qatar Water and Electricity Authority (Kahramaa) as a partner in the implementation of the specifications adopted in the State of Qatar. It also matches or exceeds international standards.

Al-Hattab Waterproofing & Installation has highly trained specialists and technicians who are finely-tuned to the latest technologies and eco-friendly processes. Many are trained with suppliers around the world at their factories, giving the company a decided edge that is difficult to replicate.