With a history spanning more than 25 years, Al-Hattab Trading & Contracting has emerged to be one of the premium Trading & Contracting companies in Qatar.
It has earned this reputation through its depth of industry and market expertise as well as technological edge, coupled with transparency and trust. Al Hattab Trading & Contracting & Real Estate engages in the planning, consulting, logistics, and construction of premier commercial and residential projects in Qatar.
This includes shopping centers, hospitals, schools, residential complexes, and even castles. Collaboration is central to our philosophy, and we believe in being one team. For us, collaboration is more than a workable solution.
It is a foundation upon which a healthy working environment can be built. We emphasize deliveries, quality, time, and cost-effective value and teamwork that contributes to it. We are confident that only with proper integration, we can achieve great things. We work together to achieve more collectively and create robust and sustainable working relationships.


As its name suggests, Sweet House designs innovative and luxurious interiors for both the residential and commercial sectors. A unique aspect of its works is the level of individual customization offered to meet the exacting requirements of its clients.
Its portfolio includes commercial projects, multifamily developments, bungalows, hotels, and apartments. On the commercial side, Sweet House is best known for its full-scope renovations in retail, corporate, and hospitality. Our mission is to be recognized as a quality leader in providing interior solutions by realizing our clients’ visions and offering a design that leaves a lasting impression. Our values are represented in our Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, Accountability, and Collaboration.
Sweet House has been bringing visions to life for more than 9 years. As a pioneer of design, quality, and value, Sweet House continues to set new standards for Interior solutions. Our inspiration comes from the vision of our Nation where quality, creativity, and value are of premium significance

AL Hattab

Al-Hattab Maintenance is a leader in maintenance and contracting services in Qatar. Offering a diverse range of services, it provides some of the most complete and cost-effective maintenance services in Qatar.
It has an always-on technical team with the depth of experience to resolve even the most complex maintenance issues. Built to serve commercial and multi-family residential, Al Hattab Maintenance is a smart choice to add longevity and functionality to Qatar’s buildings. Offer unlimited customized and comprehensive maintenance services and contracts for complete building services for large and medium-sized facilities.
Our team of maintenance is thoroughly trained in managing the unscheduled tasks that prevent the failure of equipment. We work closely with our clients to increase efficiency, reliability, and safety and effect substantial energy savings using cost-effective methods that pay for themselves over a short period. We are committed to teamwork and serving our clients/main contractors with the best quality of work.

Al Hattab Waterproof
& Installation

Al-Hattab Waterproofing & Installation is a specialist in waterproofing and thermal insulation solutions. It also provides flooring work, epoxy paints, flooring works, with top quality raw materials from around the world. It is also a buyer of Qatar’s locally produced products, supporting the Made in Qatar movement.
The company is accredited by the Qatar Water and Electricity Authority (Kahramaa) as a partner in the implementation of the specifications adopted in the State of Qatar. It also matches or exceeds international standards.
We have specialists and technicians trained at the highest level of efficiency in the implementation of all the work entrusted to us by all the bodies and institutions in Qatar.
We train our workers and technicians through visits to factories around the world to be aware of all the experiences and developments in our field.


Al-Hattab Consulting & Engineering provides professional services that span the architecture & engineering gamut. Its client-centric approach and end-to-end servicing capabilities are two critical attributes to its success.
The company provides expert consulting & engineering services for a wide variety of applications in the architecture, engineering, logistics, and construction space. It has decades of design and supervision experience to help clients avoid costly missteps. Among its goals is to help clients achieve satisfaction on-time and under budget.
With a single-point-of-contact, the company works closely with clients to design some of the highest quality villas, palaces, and commercial buildings in Qatar. Its innovative designs and technology leadership have consistently won the company accolades and more importantly, repeat customers.
Al Hattab for Engineering Consulting is committed to providing high-quality services. We know how disastrous a faulty design can be to a structure, so our focus on the quality begins from the initial stage of the design itself and carries through till the placement.